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26 thoughts on “Current Project(s):

  1. Jimney Cricket says:

    Wow, this is a cool blog!! I came here through a circuitous route kinda, by clicking one of the links you left on my blog and then kinda hopping through til I came to here! So now you know my journey to get to this awesome place that you’ve set up- and an interesting journey it was, too!

    Anyway, I was extremely curious to see what book you might have written, and now having seen what it’s about and all that stuff, I’m really interested in reading it!

    I think it’s really cool that you were able to get your book published, and it makes me excited to see my own published. Great work, I’ll have to bookmark your blog (and your book too!) :)

  2. Thanks! :) I liked yours too! :) On this one, I really like how you can have 4 side bars…It’s really eclectic, but it works! :) haha… I’m glad you had fun on your journey! I know what you mean; it is “circuitous”! :)
    Oh, I really hope you like the book if it ever falls into your hands; that would be awesome! :)
    Thanks for the compliment; and it’s really possible to get published! I know that I went through so many publishers before I finally got one hooked. There were about 20 of them that said, “No, we’re sorry…this isn’t what we’re looking for…” some even said: “but, come back when you’re 18!” So, never ever ever get discouraged about getting published because it’s a possibility! (When someone says, “that’s impossible”…I always have to rejoin, “then, why is it made up of the word possible?”)
    I would really love to hear about your work! You said that you like fantasy and maybe even some historical fiction, right? :)
    Thanks for stopping by! :) I love it when you can have good conversations on a blog, don’t you? :)

  3. Jimney Cricket says:

    Yeah, I’ve been considering switching over to this theme, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do with it. Actually, I hope you don’t mind me stealing of few of your ideas! (in layout at least. ) ;)

    I really can’t wait to read the book- besides the enjoyment of reading the book itself, every time I read another author’s work I come away with a few ideas to add to my own stories.

    Hm… I haven’t sent anything in to any publishers yet, I’m still looking at different ones and trying to figure out their plans. What did you publish through? I might check that one out. I don’t like thinking that it’s impossible, if someone says that it makes me want to do succeed all the more. I think with just a little more effort alot more could be done.
    I do like fantasy as well as historical- actually, I read just about anything, and my writing genre is almost as extensive, although only a small part of it is actually seen anywhere.
    Yes, conversations on blogs are fun… only thing missing, I think, with this wordpress site, is an option to message. That would be great, don’t you think? :)

  4. haha…go right ahead! I actually like yours, though… it’s original; haven’t seen many like yours. :)
    Oh, did you order it?? :) I hope you like it; it’s absolutely crazy seeing that thing published… :)
    Little pointer: get your work out there…definitely helps. :) Agents are awesome (but you always have to be careful with scammers because they’re out there too), and there are too many publishers for too many different genres/styles/etc…to narrow it down to, but keep on going! :) I actually have an agent that represents me in the market, which is pretty sweet…They said that they didn’t cater to minors, but considering the work: they would overlook that “minor” detail. :) I know that if you are a minor, it takes A LOT of hard work…and I mean A LOT! :) But, don’t give up: that’s definitely key. :)
    An avid reader, eh? :) Nice! I drove myself crazy trying to figure out something to read before I started writing! I actually couldn’t find anything… I would look at the synopsi (not sure if that’s correct pluralized) :) on the back of the books, and I thought that I could do better, so poof! A book! :)
    Fantasy is definitely my genre…not too much historical, but it could always change…I’m too much into making up my own stuff, not drawing from anything else, that it makes it hard for me to “color in-between the lines”… :) I’m the kind of person that loves to go outside the lines and scribble everywhere! :)
    I think you are absolutely right! :) Messaging would be real nice. :)

  5. WOW! great blog! I came here through Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden, you know, you commented on her blog. Well, I have always wanted to become an author, got a very long way to go.

    Lauren Ann

  6. Thanks, Lauren! :) Hey, anything is possible with God…for that’s truly how anything is possible! :) If you want to become an author, go for it! It’s possible, trust me! :)

  7. Best Friend 2 hoipes everywhere. says:

    Don’t get to excited…because it isn’t anything special but…

    I first just want to say how incredibly talented you are. Seriously, you have a God-given gift. I really enjoyed your book. As I turned each page I just kept thinking, “I can’t believe that I have a 17 year old friend who has the writing skills and imagination to devise a story with such ingenious characters and clever plot twists.” I really can’t imagine how you were able to come up with all of this. (Your mind is a curious thing ) You usually picture authors to be old and experienced to be able to write like they do, but you seem to have somehow gotten to that point very early and I can already tell that there are going to be even greater stories coming from you in the future. And I’m not just saying this because you are my friend, I honestly and truly mean every word. Now, with that being said…

    Parts of your story reminded me of “The Lord of the Rings,” (which I’m sure you already knew) like the map, the different lands, creatures, etc. (and then Tolkien of course was a nice shout out to it…)

    I’m not sure if this was intended (though I’m guessing it was), but I really see some Christian motifs throughout the story. Like through Xavier’s struggle was a lot like us struggling between our conscience (Holy Spirit) and our sinful selves. But maybe we, growing up as Christians, tend to see (and write) those familiar messages.

    I noticed that you have a very unique writing style. I’m not sure if I can even describe what is so different about it, but it’s quite unlike many other authors that I have read in the past.

    I thought you did a good job of slowly revealing facts about the creatures/characters in the story. Instead of outright telling the reader about the creatures, you slowly but surely revealed it through description, allowing the reader to piece together what he/she has learned about it and fill in the holes. (if that makes any sense whatsoever)

    I also loved your occasional warnings at the end of chapters…like, “you are stepping deeper into the shadows…the reader must turn the page to continue the adventure…if you dare…” and things of that nature. It was really rather clever.

    Overall, it was refreshingly imaginative and a great read.

  8. Best Friend 2 hoipes everywhere. says:

    I finally posted my review…are you proud of me taylor?? :)

  9. Jimney Cricket says:

    Having read that review, even more I can’t wait to read the actual book. :)

  10. I am proud of you, buddy! haha… Thanks for being honest too…I know you didn’t have anything bad to say, but I wish you would have had something! haha… I talked to Beth, and she’s trying to pry her brain to think of something that was wrong with it! lol…God’s way too cool, isn’t He?? :)

  11. Thanks!! :) I so hope you like it! And, when you get to read it, please give me a review!! :) That would be awesome! How’s your writing going btw?? :)

  12. Jimney Cricket says:

    It’s going good, or not good, depending on which way you look at it. ;)

    I’m in the middle of working on several stories, two major ones in particular. The first, which almost has 100 pages, isn’t going so well so I decided to take a break. I’m looking at the other one now, which I just recently started so it has less than 20 pages- but for all that its going well, I think. Check in at my blog if you want details, and some of the writing I’m posting there- I would certainly welcome a review!

    And of course I will definitely give a review when I get the chance to read it. Do you have any idea when it will hit the libraries? (Since that’s pretty much the only way I can read it, at least at the moment, since I can’t order it myself yet.)

  13. Jimney Cricket says:

    Ok, so well I got a chance to be able to order it, but first I’m curious to know a little more about it, since I don’t usually order a book before I’ve read it anyway. But I do want to read it, and it’ll be awhile before it gets to the library. So… can you tell me anything about the story, like what kind of magic they use and that sort of thing? If you don’t mind my asking…

    You can email me back at my address- :)

  14. lol. :) So, you’re finally ordering it, eh? :)
    Anything about the story? Oh yeah…that’s why I have a website! lol… Look at anything and everything under this link: … That’s the basics for you. :) And, there’s no magic in this book. I feel like magic is a little overused nowadays. :) Instead, there’s a whole different realm, different races, different story line, DIFFERENT ENDING. :) The sequel hits the last one very hard I might add… You’ll never see it coming. :) Tell me if the link helps! :)

  15. Jimney Cricket says:

    Ok thanks then!! I’ll check it out and see how I like it. I’ll be sure and write a review when I’m done though! :)

    Hm… no magic though huh? Interesting… A fantasy story without magic. That’s a new one. Looking forward to it- especially the ending!! :)

  16. Hey, didn’t you say that you were in Washington a while back? Could you send me a few names of Libraries and Book stores around you? They might be able to stock it so you wouldn’t have to go to the trouble to buy it online. :) Thanks!!

  17. Jimney Cricket says:

    Yes, I do live in Washington…. hm well I don’t guess that it would hurt to try at least- but I already bought it. lol. :)

    But I can send the to you for the next person! ;)
    Well of course there’s the big ones like Borders and Barnes and Nobles, which already have the book in stock, and we have a few smaller ones. You might look at Walden books, I’m not sure if that’s a national brand or just up here. And for the libraries, it will be a while before it gets to us because it isn’t even in the World Cat system yet (believe me, I checked. lol) :)

  18. Oh, a little late, huh? Sorry about that! :) Life’s been crazy busy! haha…
    I’ll definitely try Walden books…You’re right: Borders and Barnes and Noble already have it…You’re good! :) lol Thanks!

  19. Hi there! Thank you for your kind words on my blog – I only just saw them, so sorry for replying so late! ‘Warrior’s Light’ looks very interesting, particularly the notion of the ‘Rader Language’ – it’s an intriguing idea.

    All the best, and thanks once again,

    Alex Carnegie

  20. Hi Alex! You’re definitely welcome! :) Don’t worry about response time; I understand: life is really busy! :) Thanks for the comment…I’m glad you find it interesting; always a plus for a writer to hear. I can tell that I will be reading your stuff again soon! And, it will probably be on a book shelf! :)

    Hope your writing journey reaps the benefits of a plentiful harvest…

    God bless,

  21. Hey Taylor,
    My name is Ryan, you left a very beautiful kind comment on my blog a while back at I just wanted to say… thank you, you truly made my day and brought a huge smile to my face :) I love your blog and website, Congrats on publishing your book, with God all things are possible. Your book “Arint Saratir: Warrior’s Light,” sounds super cool, I’m for sure going to order it soon and I promise to tell you what I think of it. Have you ever heard of “Latest in Spec,” it’s a website that helps spread the news on new Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy books, it might help you get the word out more on your book :) I would love to stay in contact with you if that’s OK :) Thanks again for the comment on my blog, it was a pleasure meeting you, have a wonderful day.

    Many Blessings,

    P.S. Just to let you know if you don’t already, I’m a girl not a boy :) I know confusing name…

  22. Thank you, Ryan, for your comment! :) I would love to keep contact with you…how is your writing coming along? Thank you for the links as well…I will definitely be using those in the near future. :)

    God bless,
    Taylor J. Beisler

  23. Ricardo Rosette says:

    I am really impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays..

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